Handmade, Ethical & Fairtrade

April 26, 2016

Ever hear of gifts that give back? Well...we are so happy to announce that we have added handmade, ethical and fair trade products to our store!

While I am a true believer of the wonderful things handmade, Be Loved™ also believes in fair trade products. The reason? Because no matter where you are from and what you have been through, every family and community deserves some support. Its personal for me and natural that we wanted to carry fair trade products.

Here's a bit of personal history...

From 1970 to 1975, Cambodia was in the middle of a civil war that encouraged leaders of the country to join forces with the Khmer Rouge (communism), wrecking havoc across the country. An estimated 900,000 people were killed during this time when the population was approximately seven million (greater than 10%). The communism was lead by a man named, Pol Pot and the communism regime believed educated people would threaten communism and they needed to be rid of them. Many schools, hospitals and businesses were destroyed, if they believed that they were a threat to their organization.

Families were split up in order to survive, some of them were able to tough out the harsh inhumane environment but many died. The people in the country were forced to become laborers to the regime and forced to work long days with little food and resulting in many deaths. The communist regime ended in 1978 by an invasion but the country suffered for 20 more years with the Khmer Rouge. In 1997, Pol Pot was captured and died of heart failure in 1998. Without its leader, many Khmer Rouge still exist in the country in hopes to over throw it once again, but in 1975, it was estimated that approximately two million people died.

The country is still considered a third world country and is still recovering from the affects of this war. Today, the country's population is 15 million and 20% of the country still suffer in poverty, although reduced from 53% in 2004. The country is still working hard to provide for their families, especially those in rural areas, disabled or uneducated that are making an average of $1.50 USD per day.

As many can relate, being first generation Canadians with easy access to medical care, quality education and access to work opportunities are just a few things to be grateful for.  My parents lived through this war, separated and have lost family members. They walked hundreds, if not thousands of miles with everything they owned in their hands, struggling and not knowing if they were going to survive one day to the next. Their only hope was to make it to the refugee camps outside of the borders of Cambodia in neighboring country of Thailand. Thankfully they made it and it was in these refugee camps that I was born. A year later, we were sponsored into Canada and in 1985, we became Canadian citizens. Our story is only one of millions, some with happy endings and some not so.


At Be Loved™, we have sourced our products from small shops and businesses that also believe in all things handmade. When you are purchasing one of these products, you are continuing to provide jobs to those in need, you receive a wonderful quality product that has been handmade. They get paid fair wages that help support family and community sustainability. Seriously, how amazing! Right?


Be Loved™ sources products that are handmade from countries around the world that we feel you will love! Our first launch will include baby products but we hope to expand on this and include products for mamas as well. 

As always, thank you for supporting handmade & fair trade


Mommy & Owner, Be Loved™


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