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August 25, 2016 1 Comment

So here it is friends, my first "blog" post in awhile. First, let me say that I am in no way a photographer, nor do I pretend to be. I am only sharing my life and struggles as a maker, mom of three with a full time day job and a shop.

Before, we get to the photography, I just want to say a few things. 1) I wholeheartedly support small shops, not because I am one, but yes, because I am one. The work it requires to a) just be a maker, isn't the entire story. Makers, need to learn social media, photography, marketing, accounting and so much more but we will get to that on another day. 2) Myself, as a maker, I second guess constantly, if what I do and things I make are what my customers want. When I receive just a message to tell me how much you love something that was made for your babe, it encourages me to keep going. #truth but from a shop small perspective, if I don't hear from you, its hard on the ego and I wonder if its something I did, or didn't do but 80% of the time, I have no idea who you are or how you have found me. So #tip, if you can message me to let me know, would be appreciated. Last one, 3) I LOVE my customers and you have all been so amazing at supporting me, it makes me weak in the knees, yes like #swv haha I wish I could add emojis.

Now the exciting stuff, here is some real life things of what you see, example is todays session. I use my 20 month old a lot for photos because she fits into my product offerings in terms of size. She's not a great model and why I need Brand Representatives and Enthusiast (love you guys so much by the way) She's a 20 month old, and if you have one, or had one, you know they never sit or stand still for a second. Even with bribery (which I try every time). 

Here is my studio aka, upstairs hallway between kids rooms. The great thing is that its next to lots of natural light and if I am lucky enough to get the kids to bed before the sun goes down, I can flash a few flat lays or kids. What you see here is a rug I purchased from Simons a huge white board from Deserres

 Then of course you need models which are my kids, normally my youngest. Today's fun session. Started out with this because she really wanted me to find her "oos" aka "shoes"

But we managed to get a photo with a cardigan and a few without....


Another disclosure, yes, I have a DLSR camera that is about 5 years old, but I have no idea how to use it. I have told myself many times that I am going to learn, but time is just not on my side. So you get iPhone photos for my flat lays and kid pictures. #sorrynotsorry

But I am grateful every day that you have followed my journey despite my lack of photography skills. Thanks for reading! haha What are your photo secrets?

 Tee: @meinmybetee on instagram

Slim Harems & cardigan, right here from yours truly :)

With love,

Your maker...Jenn xx

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August 27, 2016

I love your blog post and your shop. I definitely know how difficult getting a 20 month old to do anything is. Lol. Some days are definitely easier than others and bribery hasn’t worked for me either, though I have heard others say lollipops and otter pops work ? I will be reading these comments looking for some of those photo secrets. ?

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