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November 12, 2016

Hi Friends,

As you know, I am not the greatest writer, but I have been very blessed with the opportunity of this little handmade shop. If you have been following us on Instagram, we have posted a couple of times about this Charity Collection. When I asked my shop friends Tracy of  Lux and Dae and Erica of  Tiny Inspirations if they would be willing to donate some items, there was zero hesitation to which is so special to me. (Thanks Erica and Tracy) All proceeds from this curated charity collection will be going to a children's charity. As a note, this collection does not qualify for shop credits or discounts as would like to see the money put into the caring hands that run the charity.

Where to begin...

I have to take a moment and think about how I would like to organize this so you can see that we put a lot of thought into the collection. So to begin, lets talk about the collection first. Shop the collection

Charity Collection

The colour palette:

Black is a strong colour of authority and is mysterious, but is sadly often associated with loss and death.

White is associated with light, goodness, innocence, purity

Blue  is often associated with depth and stability. It symbolizes trust, faith, truth, and heaven.

(Keep these colours in mind as you continue reading)

In the collection, is the winter twigs romper, selected for these colours. Our friends from Lux and Dae has packaged three leather bows for us and a pacifier clip or teething necklace from our friends at Tiny Inspirations. Shop the collection

The story...

In winter of 2013

"Kunthea Altvater was travelling with her husband Richard and their three children to their home in Coaldale when their Chevrolet minivan left the roadway and plunged into the Elk River.

A passing driver and his girlfriend saw the car upside down in the river and rushed to the family’s help. They managed to pull every member of the family out of the van.

RCMP members and a traveling physician managed to revive the four-year-old son by conducting CPR.

CPR was also performed on Kunthea, but she was later pronounced dead at the hospital (Black).

The daughter (Rochelle) has been treated along with her father at Sparwood Hospital. The couple’s two sons (Ben & Alex) are in critical condition at Children’s Hospital."

Read the full story here.

Due to complications and injuries that arised from the accident, Ben and his older brother were then flown to Calgary. Shortly after arriving to the Children's Hospital, Ben was given a procedure called EKMO. Because his lungs were so badly damaged, Ben needed this EKMO procedure to survive. Ben was given only a 5% chance of life due to his injuries. Over the next 42 days Ben slowly recovered where he could miraculously be released from hospital. Ben stayed in the Children's Hospital over Christmas and saw first hand how the generous donations can make kids smile. Because of the love Kunthea had for her children, it was our families wish to spread that love and allow children in the hospital to have toys that bring to their faces and warm their hearts. We have chosen to name this donation page "Thea's Toys" in honor of Ben's mom. (white)

You can find the facebook here: Thea's Toys Facebook Group

How you can help us donate...

If you want to do some good this holiday season, by purchasing one of these products, you are helping us donate some money to Thea's Toys. (Blue for Kunthea)

If you would like to donate directly to Alberta Children's Hospital and it will be under Thea's Toys

Shop the collection



Final words...

This charity is close to home because I have known Richard since I was a small child and I knew Kunthea in high school. I would like to say a special thank you to my friends Tracy and Erica for helping with this charity, and mostly to my customers and followers for reading and being a part of this. Please help us give back this holiday season. There are limited amounts of each product. Whatever you can do to help us reach as many people that may interested, would we absolutely appreciate it.  I hope you love the winter twigs romper, the leather bows and the teething accessories as much as we do. Have a wonderful holiday season.

Jenn, Tracy & Erica xx

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